Circle of Life Coaching

Learn More Below How Dan Can Help You Regardless of Where You Are at IN LIFE's CIRCLE

Coaching for Young Adults

Are you a young adult heading for college or just beginning your career? Words that may describe you might be:

  • excitement
  • expectations
  • dreams
  • challenges
Coaching for Students

Are you a young adult heading for college or just beginning your career? Words that may describe you might be:





life mission

time management

Family and Career Coaching

Family and Career Coaching

You have the energy to begin the journey on the mountain of life.  You recognize your need of a companion to accompany you in the right direction.  It is often said that “people learn by their mistakes”.  But maybe there is another way to reach goals without the “trial and error” method.  As your life coach, I will be able to help you achieve:

  • fresh perspectives on personal challenges and opportunities
  • enhanced interpersonal effectiveness
  • increased confidence in carrying out your chosen work and life roles
You’ve settled onto a plateau living life with family, career, and all the responsibilities that go along with these things you have dreamed of having. You want to maintain a positive attitude, and yet you find that life can become so busy and feel out of balance.

As your life coach I will help you clarify your life mission, help you establish realistic goals and provide a safe environment in which to work towards fulfilling them.

Coaching for “Empty Nesters”

Coaching for Empty Nesters

Are you adjusting to being an “empty nester”? Words that may describe you might be:



new challenges


grand parenting

celebrations with children


Coaching for Retirement or Second Career

Coaching for Retirement - Second Career

As Your Life Coach I Will Help You:

Are you adjusting to retirement and/or developing a second career? Words that may describe you might be:

  • legacy
  • heritage
  • goodbyes
  • freedom
  • reflection
  • new experiences

You’ve arrived at a new pinnacle in your journey. At times retirement seems like a dream that you may never reach. But you did it. You can “see” the end of your life’s journey and you want to finish strong. As your life coach, I will help you sort through the many options available to you.

You are ready for the next challenge on the mountain of life.  Children have grown up and moved out.  You are preparing for retirement and wonder what direction to focus on in the future.  As your life coach, I will help you:

see appreciable results in the areas of productivity

experience personal satisfaction with life and work

achieve personally relevant goals

    • continue to work in your chosen profession with a more flexible schedule
    • volunteer in your church or local community
    • travel to parts of the world you have always wanted to visit
    • join a short term mission project and offer your skills and talents for others to benefit
    • start your own business and/or non-profit organization
    • move closer to your adult children to become a more active participant in your grandchildren’s lives
Ministry Coaching
Leadership Coaching