Harrisburg Life Coach – “Changes”

WELCOME to my new web site!

During the past year, we have, undoubtedly, all experienced many CHANGES in our lives. Changes bring about opportunities for learning new things about ourselves…….our families……our work…….our communities.

Last year, my wife and I moved from Port Huron, Michigan to Mechanicsburg, PA in order to be closer to our son and his family. Recently we spent a week’s vacation on the shores of Lake Huron where for 33 years, my wife and I raised our family. What fun to celebrate a week of playing in the water with our three grandsons! Children and grandchildren grow up SO QUICKLY……..we have had to become intentional in our desire to enjoy, to a greater extent, the gift of family.

Dan Kayaking on the River

This past year has been filled with changes professionally as I explore various ways to continue my passion for helping individuals and couples achieve their life goals. This new web site introduces a couple of events developed to provide tools for individuals and couples to grow in greater harmony with themselves and with their family.

Please review these resources and consider becoming a part of this new chapter in my life. During the past 33 years, God has given me many opportunities to see CHANGES occur in people’s lives. I am confident God will continue to do the same in years to come.